Confessions of the Church

…this is why so many people are lost and bound in chains of darkness…  Because of thing done by Christians or in the name of Church…  Today I want to say sorry…

chainsI’m sorry for seeing how you fade away into the darkness of depression and saying that it’s all your fault and you should just wake up and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

I’m sorry for seeing your depression, anxiety, illness and not telling you that Someone died for you so that you can be set free.

I’m sorry for ignoring you, for seeing the pain that you have and not saying anything about it.

I’m sorry for being so arrogant.  I’m sorry that we looked at you and judged you as if we ourselves have no sin.

I am sorry for being too busy to care.  I’m sorry that I just didn’t care about your problems and just wished you would leave me alone.

I’m sorry for telling you that everything wrong in your life is your own fault and that you could only blame yourself, making you carry all the shame alone.

I’m sorry for letting you feel that you have no right to be saved!  As if any of us had any right…

I’m sorry for not listening when you screamed for help.  Instead I just gave you a quick smile and walk away as fast as I could.

I’m sorry for not having the knowledge to help you when you were bound in chains of darkness.

I’m sorry for keeping silent when you we’re being molested, raped, abused and hurting so bad! Not wanting other people to know, because of my pride.

I’m sorry for being too embarrassed to be associated with you, even if you have stopped that lifestyle and turned away from it.self harm2

I’m sorry for setting such a bad example…

I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you when your mother and father split up, when your best friend committed suicide and when you lost your precious baby.

I’m sorry for seeing the cuts on your wrists and pretending it’s not there.

I’m sorry for making you feel rejected and that you are not good enough.

I’m sorry for not telling you that abortion is wrong and that you will live with the pain of losing a precious child for the rest of your life.

I’m sorry for not telling you that having pre-marital sex is wrong, but instead I teached birth-control and abortions.  Now you live with shame from your past that binds your soul to darkness, and not telling you He died for your sins so you can be set free…

I’m sorry that I only cared about myself…

I’m sorry for making you believe that our Father doesn’t use his power to heel the sick and do mighty works anymore, making you seek it elsewhere…

I’m sorry for rejecting you, when Satan was so willing to accept you just as you are…

Remember that day you had the courage to ask me for help, and I stared at you with judgment and freaked out, you swore you’ll never ever ask anybody for help again…

jesus-crossI want to say sorry to you personally for every wrong thing that have been said or done to you by Christians or in the name of church.  Know this one thing:  that God so loved YOU personally, that He gave His only Son to be tortured, mocked, beaten to the point of being unrecognizable, crucified, He went down into the pits of Hell to save YOU from eternal damnation and punishment for YOUR sins.  There IS a way out of darkness.  There is salvation for you.  There IS forgiveness for you, yes, no matter what you have done!  You ARE worthy of receiving this wonderful gift.  The emptiness you feel can never be filled with anything from this world.  No drug, guy, girl, sexual addiction, disorder, illness, friend, family member, child, situation, amount of wealth and money can ever fill that void.  People will always disappoint you.  Jesus will never.  Receive Him as you Savior today.

If you want to give your life to Jesus, please pray this out loud now there where you are right now:

Dear God, I acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I believe that He was born of the Virgin Mary. I believe that He died on the cross, that His blood was shed for my sins and that He arose from the dead. I confess that I have disobeyed your commandments. I ask you to forgive me for these sins. I now ask Jesus to come into my heart. Be my Savior. Be my Lord. Be my soon coming King. I will do my best to obey your teachings as recorded in the Bible. Thank you, in Jesus name. Amen.

Remember to leave a comment if you were saved today.  If you want more help on what to do now that you are saved, please click here! I you got saved today, leave your testimony here.

A note to those in the body of Christ, that by saying “I”, I’m referring to the broader spectrum of “Christians”.  We as the body of Christ are not living according to God’s Word.  We are not Blessing our enemies, turning the other check, binding mighty strongholds, practicing the Gifts of the Spirit, teaching or children to live according to God’s Word.  Instead of teaching purity and abstinence, we are teaching birth control, and when our daughters fall pregnant we are so ashamed of what our friends might think that we let them get abortions.  Instead of healing the sick we are ignoring them, instead of feeding the hungry we are pretending they don’t exist.  We are so selfish that we leave everything up to other people instead of being obedient to Christ.  Are we saving the lost out of darkness and calling them into His light?  He says in His Word:

Mar 16:15  And He said to them, Go into all the world, proclaim the gospel to all the creation.

You’ll be amazed how many people you will come across who, because of people who call themselves Christians, rejected them, made them feel worthless, made them feel unworthy of being forgiven of their sin, unworthy of being saved because of judging their previous lifestyle, ignoring their daughters who suffer with eating disorders because their embarrassed of what others might say, giving glances of judgment to those in chains seeking Salvation!

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  1. Carmen says:

    Have you been hurt by the “church”? Please submit your comments or stories here.

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